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Mathure Metal Works: A 50-year Legacy

The Beginning: A Passion for Metallurgy


In 1966, Hemchandra Mathure embarked on his journey in the field of metallurgy by starting his job at Advani Orlikon. His passion for metallurgy, fueled by his M.Sc in Physical Chemistry from the Institute of Science, led him to the Indian Government Mint where he studied the development of precious metals like gold and silver. His quest for knowledge took him to London on a scholarship, where he delved deeper into the world of brazing alloys and welding technologies. By 1967, Hemchandra had established himself as a renowned researcher, publishing numerous papers on brazing. In 1972, he founded Mathure Metal Works, a manufacturing unit dedicated to producing brazing and soldering fluxes. The company rapidly grew, expanding its product line to include welding electrodes, brazing alloys, and soldering alloys.

Expansion and Innovation

In 1991, Sumant Mathure, Hemchandra's son, joined the family business after completing his M.Phil. in Metallurgy from the Dundee Institute of Technology in Scotland. His expertise in the diffusion of precious metals like silver and gold further strengthened the company's technological foundation. Under Sumant's leadership, Mathure Metal Works transitioned to a private limited company and introduced Mathure Fluxes, pioneering the production of non-CFC compatible products in India. By 1999, Mathure Metal Works was the first company in India to introduce non-CFC products, capturing 90% of the Indian HVAC market. The company's commitment to innovation continued with the introduction of the Hydro-torch in 2008, a groundbreaking tool that significantly improved brazing efficiency. Over the years, Mathure Metal Works has continued to innovate, expanding its product portfolio and training over 10,000 shop-floor workers by 2015.

Recent Developments and Future Prospects


Since 2017, the Mathure Group has been led by Durva Mathure, who has driven significant advancements in automation and organizational structure. Today, Mathure Metal Works has become a global brand with presence in the Middle East, Africa, Italy, and Australia. The company has continued to improve their portfolio to offer a wide range of innovative products and services, including multifold and single fold rings, flux-coated rods, gas fluxing units, and RoHS compliant brazing fluxes and alloys. The company also provides consultancy and training services, ensuring that its clients, including industry giants like Whirlpool, LG, Godrej, and Tata, receive the highest quality solutions.

The Mathure Group's legacy is built on a foundation of innovation, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making it a leader in the field of brazing and soldering consumables.

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Mr Hemchandra Mathure

Role: Founder

- MSC Physical Chemistry

- Expert in Welding Metallurgy

- ASSEY Officer at the Indian Mint

Copy of 13923526_1360093734004791_562605

Role: Director and CEO

- Metallurgist

- Expert on continuous casting

- Brazing Consultant

- ZED Master Trainer

- QCI Assessor

Durva Pic 2_edited_edited.jpg

Role: Director and COO

- Engineer

- ISO Auditor

- Lean Six Sigma Certified

- Executive Board Member of RATA

In the NEWS...

Mr. Sumant Mathure, M.Phil. (Metallurgy), DIT. Scotland - the United Kingdom, apart from being one of the topmost brazing consultants, is also one of the first ZED master trainers in India. The ZED Certification Scheme or Zero Defect Zero Effect Certification Scheme, created under the Make in India banner, empowers MSMEs and helps them build their business. Mr. Mathure has conducted multiple seminars on brazing and related topics since 1987. Now, Mr. Mathure, an active member of ISHRAE and MSME Chambers, is keen to raise awareness about the ZED - Zero Defect Zero Effect Certification Scheme. 

Latest seminar conducted by Mr. Sumant Mathure

Mr. Sumant Mathure conducting a seminar on “ZED (Zero Effect Zero Defect) Certification Scheme” held on 15th March 2019

Mr. Sumant Mathure's seminar on Improving Productivity and Quality for MSMEs organized by World Trade Center Goa

Mr. Sumant Mathure presenting a paper on New Trend in Copper Phosphorus – “CuP” – Brazing Alloys at Joining of Copper and Copper Alloys – Latest Developments Seminar

Awards and Honours
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