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​We manufacture fluxes that cover the entire range of temperatures. We have mastered the art of mainstream fluxes for Silver Brazing - SILMUX, Copper Brazing - COPMUX, Brass & Bronze Brazing- BROMUX, Aluminum brazing- ALUMUX, Soldering-SOLMUX, and also specialize in Liquid Gas Flux & Dispenser Tank – GFU & LIQUIMUX, Brazing Retardant pin- WAXMUX, Spatter free – SPATMUX, Stainless steel brazing – STAINMUX, Fluxes for Tube light & Bulb – TL & GLS, For Battery – EXIDER, Cleaning Liquids - AZEO...etc All of our Fluxes are RoHS & NON-CFC Compliant.

We are proud to be one of the very few manufacturers that strive to help our customers and design the Fluxes that suit their needs and parameters.

We also believe that once a partnership is established, it should be everlasting. To make this vision a reality, we work and strategize with you, our clients, and provide wholesome solutions for all your brazing and soldering needs. Along with operator training as Brazer's Training Program, where we also help for certification under guidelines of ISO 13585.


Get in touch with us for all your Brazing needs under one roof...

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