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Mathure Metal Works is the leading manufacturer of brazing alloys and fluxes in the industry. We have been in business for almost 50 years and offer a comprehensive inventory of brazing and soldering alloys and fluxes.

We also offer a wide range of brazing training and consultation services to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency.  Contact us to learn more.


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Anti Corrosive coats

Our specialty Blue Protector is known to protect copper joints, aluminum joints, and even Zinc coated sheets from a very corrosive atmosphere, especially in installations near the river or coastal area.

One single or double coat after installation protects the metallic surfaces for over 12 to 15 months from the harsh environment, thereby reducing maintenance cost tremendously. These coats are specially designed keeping in mind the science behind refrigeration thermodynamics.

Nozzle Cleaning chemicals

The nozzles, after Torch Brazing, get clogged with dust, or carbon, and are supposed to be cleaned mechanically using pins. This manual cleaning actually distorts internal orifice of the nozzle and we might get distorted flames, many times backfire too.


We manufacture a special chemical, which can be used every week to keep the nozzle clean. Just a few drops of this solution increases the life of the nozzle. The application is very quick and requires no skill or human intervention. 

Heat & Oxidation protective chemicals

When the joints get oxidized, it naturally reduces their service life.


We also manufacture special chemicals and fluxes that protect the metal surface from getting over burnt or even oxidized, thereby keeping the insides of the sealed system, lesser contaminated with metallic oxide scaling as well as protecting metallic components and giving more service life. All of our fluxes are RoHS & Non-CFC compliant.



A brazing consultation theory session taught by Mr. Sumant Mathure for Liebherr


In this best-seller program, which is either a 1 day or 2-day course, we create a wholesome learning experience and help you solve all your issues related to brazing.


Program overview:

  1. Start the course with clearing all the theoretical concepts of brazing.

  2. Conduct practical sessions to give your brazers a hands-on experience.

  3. End the course with thorough questions and answers session.



Our consultancy services can be broadly categorised into four categories

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